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Gráinne Hambly - Irish Harper

Gráinne as featured on a number of recordings and has released three solo harp CDs:


William Jackson - Scottish Harper

Billy has featured on many harp recordings and all of these are available from 'William Jackson Celtic Harp':

  • Inchcolm - 1995
  • The Ancient Harp of Scotland - 1998
  • A Scottish Island - 1998
  • The Celtic Suites - 1999
  • Land of Light - 1999
  • Duan Albanach - 2003
  • The New Harp - 2008
  • Music from Ireland and Scotland (2009) with Gráinne Hambly.


Gráinne Hambly & William Jackson

Music from Ireland and Scotland

Featuring Irish and Scottish harps, concertina, whistle and bouzouki. It is the first collaborative recording between Grainne Hambly and William Jackson.

For more on this harp CD visit the information on 'Music from Ireland and Scotland' and Tracks, Sleeve Notes and how to Purchase.

Harp Links

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