There are sometimes divided opinions on the correct term for a person who plays the harp - some people say 'harper' while others say 'harpist'. While there is no absolutely definitive answer, it is generally regarded that a 'harper' is someone who plays mainly non-classical music, and a 'harpist' is someone who plays mainly classical music. Below are links to websites of famous harpers and harpists!

  • Gráinne Hambly - Workshops, Concerts, CDs
  • You Gotta Have Harp - represent artists from a broad spectrum of traditional music
  • William Jackson - Scottish harper and composer
  • Celtic Wedding Harps - the Irish harp brings a memorable and charming touch to your wedding day or special occasion
  • Lily Neill - a rising star in the world of harp playing
  • Hollinea - Enchanting Harpist & Vocalist
  • Claire Roche - Harpist and Singer, Concert and Irish Harp
  • Martha Clancy - Harpist
  • Robyn Sutherland - an Auckland based harp player and singer. She performs at events, weddings and other functions
  • Jennifer White Celtic Harper, Composer, Vocalist & Storyteller
  • Celtic Harp Music by Anne Roos performing professionally the Celtic Harp since 1983
  • Jacquie Spring's Harp Australia - supplying affordable, high quality Australian-built instruments using non-endangered wood
  • Alfaric Harps - harps custom built in a small worshop and the materials used are always of the very best quality
  • Star Edwards - arrangements with a pleasant upbeat character reminiscent of traditional folk harp tunes
  • Ravi - player of the 21 Stringed manding harp known as the Kora
  • Thomas Loefke, Norland Wind - harp music / song from the Celtic Northwest
  • Áine Minogue is a harpist whose voice reflects the lyricism and richness of Irish music
  • Cynthia Cathcart is an award winning performer and instructor on the clarsach
  • Harriet Earis - is a full-time harpist playing extensively throughout the UK and abroad
  • Katie Targett Adams - her performance is a blend of her pure voice with the beautiful sounds of the Celtic harp
  • MAGICAL STRINGS centers around the Celtic harp and hammered dulcimer of Philip and Pam Boulding
  • Barbara Ann Fackler - her ability to delight audiences with her harps has made her one of northern Illinois' most sought-after harpists
  • Regina Ederveen - Her motto is to make music "from harp to heart"
  • Le Magasin de la Harpe - in the vicinity of the Arc de Triomphe, this shop is completly stocked with strings, music, harps and all accessories
  • Anne van Schothorst - is a professional musician, a recording harpist, composer and music producer
  • Marianne Smit - is a Dutch concert harpist who graduated from the Amsterdam Conservatory in 2009